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Free Web Hosting and Paid Hosting- Why Choose Free Hosting?

Web presence is possible if you know the right ways to do so. Online business is impossible without a website, and for a website to go online it needs a reliable hosting service. For an IT literate person, it would not be a problem to set a server back at home or office while using any of the paid or free web hosting services. Here you have to know the factors that help you choose between the paid and the free form of website hosting services.

Price (Cost):

It's all money that matters the most, all throughout our lives. In such a condition, most people look for free web hosting services to avoid paying anything for uploading files to the server and also for hosting it as long as they may want.

On the other hand, paid web hosting services require fees or charges to be made monthly. The charges you make are for running your website online. These web hosting companies do provide attractive discounts if anyone choose to sign up for one year, by paying in advance. Moreover, people with a tight budget often find it difficult to meet the monthly charges.


Functionality or performance is another major concern for businesses to ponder for the best. In few ways, free web hosting services can put certain restrictions, if you select a wrong service provider. To try and avoid annoying factors, you can contact with the free hosting service provider and get details regarding the free hosting packages.

Web Space

Web Space is considered a significant facet that determines the given quality of the web hosting company. In any free web hosting packages, you will find web space to be restricted that can sometimes be problematic if yours is a very large website or if you wish to opt for any future expansion. But for a newbie opening a personal website, or for a regular website, free hosting would be a much better option.

Network Bandwidth and Port Speed

A major concern of website owners is speed. So speed needs to be taken into account when selecting web hosting services. When you expect heavy traffic flow and exceptional graphical presentation in your website, then you require having a good bandwidth and a network speed for measuring greater efficiency.

For a relatively small site including low traffic, no graphical or video elements, it will be enough to sprint the site properly with 1000 mb or so. It's a fact that the facility of enjoying higher bandwidth and excellent network speed is average with free web hosting. However, there are few exceptions as well. Nowadays, you get some of the free web hosting service providers claiming to offer the best network speed and bandwidth. Remember it's always the selection of service providers which matters the most. Research online and get the top names of the free hosting vendors present over the web.

Free web hosting can be good for people who want to gain an experience on website hosting. Not only this, for those businessmen who want some serious income to be made from their websites, their selection of the free form of website hosting service can emerge to be the most reliable and helpful service if the selection of free hosting services are rightly done.

Additionally, if you are aiming to save on money without compromising on the performance, then it's better to select the free web hosting services instead of the paid hosting services.  Check with the free hosts available online with great plans to guide you all the way through.

For any help on Free web Hosting, check out the info available online, these will help you learn to find the Free Hosting an instant go!

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