Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does “link cloaking” helps you protect your commission...Or not..?

Let’s explain…"Affiliate link cloaking" is a method you use to disguise your affiliate link. For example let's say that your affiliate link is .As you can see this affiliate link contains the vendor's domain and your affiliate id.

WITH affiliate link cloaking you can change the link above to something like

“But why to cloak my affiliate links..?”

Well, as I mentioned in my first report, human nature is complicated. Did you know that there are many people out there who would buy a product, but because they see an affiliate link they don’t? Furthermore there are others that go as far as to change your affiliate link with theirs, so as ,once they buy the product, the commission will go to them. So, “affiliate link cloaking” can prevent your commission from "being stolen"...This is why the term "commission thieves" exists.

“How to cloak an affiliate link?”

Ok, let's start cloaking one affiliate link right now. Assuming that our affiliate

link is we do the following.

1.)Open the Notepad. Then you can copy from here the code below and paste it to the notepad. I cannot write the code here but is very easy to find it .

Insert a title and your affiliate link where mentioned and save this file as eg. product.html.Then you can upload this file to your webserver, into the "public.html" folder. As a result, instead of having an “ugly” link, you can have something like

There are many other ways to cloak affiliate links. We will discuss them in a future article.

“Does affiliate link cloaking really help???”

Now let’s go deeper into human psychology…

Yes, “affiliate link cloaking” may help when the buyer isn’t marketing-oriented. Thus the sale will be credited to you. But what happens when the buyer is a marketer or knows what an affiliate is? Almost everybody knows what an affiliate is. So it all comes down to good will...Whatever techniques you endeavour to use to hide your affiliate links, everyone will know that you are an affiliate. So it is up to the buyer.

There are people who will search through your page html source and find out what your affiliate links are. Even if you have transformed your affiliate link with the use of unicode and your affiliate link to numerical gibberish, a savvy user will discover that you are an affiliate. So whatever link cloaking method you use, the end result is defined by a very unstable factor: Human Nature.Again…

I am an affiliate.You are an affiliate.Almost everyone promotes something nowadays.

I have to admit that almost everything I bought (ebooks, courses, electronics) were

promoted by someone.. Affiliate marketers work for what they promote and it is unethical and unfair to steal their commissions!.

I know that there is much competition out there; I know that there are many lame reviews and scam products but, as I mentioned before, and also in my first free report, it’s good to stand out of the crowd. You won't become rich if you steal another person’s commission. You see it is very easy to steal, but also equally easy to be stolen from...It’s all in the saying: “Do unto others as you would expect they should do unto you.”

To sum up, “affiliate link cloaking” is a good way to protect your affiliate links

It may help you protect your commissions, but, unfortunately, the buyer has the final say. My recommendation is not to steal others’ commissions. If you find what you‘re looking for, just buy it. Help them to help you.

Author: Archimidis M

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to Personalize Ready Made Adsense Websites

If you are serious about getting into the Make Money with Adsense Business, then you would know all about Ready Made Websites created for Adsense. Thousands of people are interested in generating regular income with Adsense, so at one time or another, they may have bought a pack of Ready Made Adsense websites. The most popular of these is the Adsense Business-In-A-Box. It's available at if you don't already own this pack of Ready Made Adsense Websites.

If you have pre-made websites made for adsense, you should know that hundreds of other people may have the exact same websites as you. Here is what you can do to personalize your websites to make it different from the rest. This is to avoid duplicate websites so you will not get penalized by Google. You may find that they may not index your websites at all!

1. Change The Name of the Website. If you happen to have bought a domain solely for one of the adsense websites, pick a similar name to what the website theme is about. Have your website name match your domain name.

2. Alter the Metatags. Change the description and keywords.

3. Replace the Header Graphics. Either create one yourself or get someone else to do it. Have your website name on the header and make it look different from what came with the site.

4. Change the look and feel of the website. Change the table width or choose another background color.

5. Rename the Titles of the Articles. Stick with what the article is about. You can change one word or swap the words around.

6. Rewrite the Articles. You don't have to completely change it. You can select certain words and replace them, add or change paragraphs around and insert photos in between articles.

7. Remove links. If you've changed the articles enough to call it your own, leave the links out of the articles.

8. Add more things to the website. Add more content, videos and other widgets to your websites!

9. Change the copyright. Have your name and this year's date. Include a privacy policy if the websites don't have one.

10. Don't forget to change your Adsense ID!

These are ways to make your Ready Made Adsense more unique with your personal touch. Ready Made Websites are a great way to get started without having to start from scratch!

Once you have altered your websites, upload to your host and start promoting! Start making money with Adsense!

Author: Catherina Amor

About the Author:


Monday, June 14, 2010

Bling-bling for my blog

Salah satu cara untuk menarik pengunjung adalah meletakkan pelbagai widgets yang menarik dan bersesuaian dengan tema atau tajuk blog anda supaya pengunjung tidak bosan dan dapat menarik  TRAFFIC. Saya tidak terkecuali untuk meletakkan widget yang berkedip-kedip  ini. At first nak letak pada kedua belah tetapi bila asyik terklik pada widget yang berkelip-kelip terpaksa letak satu bahagian setelah terasa annoying asyik pergi ke website  tuan rumahnya aje.Kalau kita terasa annoying visitors pun sama.  Terdapat juga blog yang memasang lagu, ini sepatutnya dielakkan kerana mungkin visitor  tak suka lagu yang dipasang dan kadangkala lagu-lagu yang dipasang tak sedap didengar dan menyebabkan visitor kita tutup volume atau pergi ke website lain. Ini menyebabkan anda kehilangan potential buyers atau followes.


How to Submit Your Blog to the Top Search Engines

Although submitting your blog to the search engines is very similar to submitting your website, there are several differences that you should be aware of. Knowing these differences can help you get your blog indexed more quickly because you have submitted your blog correctly.

Regardless of whether you are submitting a blog or a website, if you are submitting to Google, you should create a sitemap. Although you should check your sitemap periodically to make sure Google isn't encountering any errors with your sitemap, once you submit it, you don't have to submit to Google again. All you have to do is keep your sitemap up to date.

If you use a blog like Wordpress, you can install the sitemap plugin. This plugin updates your sitemap automatically and notifies Google that your site has changed.

If you don't use a blogging software that generates sitemaps, you can create your own. Google offers plenty of free tools for creating sitemaps.

Even if you don't have a sitemap, you can still add your site to Google. You just won't get detailed statistics.

You can submit to Google here:

Since Google doesn't allow direct submission to its blog search, you will need to make sure that you submit your site to blog directories Google pulls results from for its blog search, and then make sure you ping these sites when you update your blog.

You can use sites like Feed Shot,, to submit your site to some of the major blog directories. Then you only need to ping your blog to update it at these directories.

When submitting to Yahoo, you need to submit your site feed instead of a sitemap. You can submit your blog to Yahoo here: Instead of submitting your site, you will use the first block and submit your feed.

You should also add your blog feed to your My Yahoo page. This can get your blog added faster and will get your blog included in Yahoo's version of blog search.

You will need an account to submit to both Yahoo and Google. It's free.

MSN, the third of the big three search engines is completely different in the way that you need to submit to get your blog included.

You can submit directly to MSN to be included. You don't need an account, but you will need to submit manually because you will need to enter the characters on the page to make sure your submission request goes through.

You can submit here:

MSN also offers an alternative that will help you get your entire blog included in its site results. Submit your blog to Moreover, If your site is included in Moreover, it should be included in MSN as MSN draws a lot of results from this news site.

Once you've submitted your blog to the top three search engines, forget about it. Your next step should be to ping your blog each time that you post to it.

Before you ping your blog for the first time though, make sure that you glance through the list of blog directories. You want to make sure you have submitted your blog to each of the directories listed. Also, some of the ping sites listed may not relate to your blog. Make sure you uncheck these before you ping.

Ping Services
Ping your blog each time you update.

These techniques will help you get about 80 percent coverage in the search engines. Once you've taken this step in your promotion, move on. Write press releases and articles and submit them to press release and article directories. Build links.

Successfully promoting your blog or website depends on consistent promotion. Promote regularly, and you will see results.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Politik Oh Politik - PR atau BN

Hari ini saya ingin bercakap tentang situasi politik di Malaysia jauh daripada topik blog saya tetapi tangan ini terasa gatal sahaja nak tulis pasal politik. Bukan mahir tentang politik tetapi tidak suka dengan situasi sekarang. Sekarng keadannya tidak tenang , banyak fitnah dan benci membenci.  Minta maaf ye, saya adalah penyokong Umno dan  BN. Kepada penyokong-penyokong Pas dan PKR, jangan jadikan penyokong UMNO sebagai lawan dan dibenci kerana situasi sekarang adalah politik fitnah dan benci membenci. Di sini saya tulis sebab-sebab mengapa Melayu perlu bersatu dan menyokong UMNO dan BN semula.
1) UMNO telah menolong Melayu sebelum dan selepas kemerdekaan. Jangan lupa pada sejarah
2) Anwar Ibrahim telah gagal dan tidak layak untuk menjadi pemimpin atau hasratnya menjadi PM sejak tahun 1998 lagi kerana gagal dalam polisi kewangannya semasa menjadi Menteri Kewangan. Memegang jawatan adalah tanggung jawab dan memerlukan kebijaksanaan. Bayangkan seorang yang tidak bijak menjadi ketua sebuah perniagaan atau syarikat. Syarikat akan musnah dan gulung tikar dan pekerja hilang pekerjaan.
3) Samada Anwar Ibrahim, meliwat atau tidak , dia dianiya bagi pendapat penyokong PKR dan sebagainya, itu tidak sepatutnya menjadi asas untuk menyokong Anwar dan membenci UMNO, tetapi dia memang tidak bijak sebagai pemimpin kerana telah gagal sebagai Menteri Kewangan.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too good to be true

I found this websites recently while blogwalking. You get $10 whenever someone click your ad. It is just too good to be true but what a heck, go to the website and check it out yourself . I just wonder how much high paying keywords google adsense pay per click.


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