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Boost Adsense Revenue with SpiderMan-Friendly Content

Successful webmasters boost Adsense revenue with excellent content. Well-written content for human readers alone is not enough. It must also be prepared as tasty food that search engine spiders love in order to rank high. Just what do you need in order to optimize your content to boost Adsense revenue?

Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 1 - Make Use of Latent Semantic Indexing

Recently, Google's latent semantic indexing (LSI) algorithm has hit the search engine arena like a storm. Search results were reshuffled and many web pages which used to enjoy high search engine ranking are dumped. In a short breath, LSI looks beyond the direct matches between content and search query text. Littering your content with a particular target keyword is no longer enough and may affect your search engine ranking.

LSI means that you need to build content that the search engine spiders would easily identify with the keyword, ie content relevance. If you are writing about shopping for MP3 players, the content should center on this topic and steer clear from irrelevant stuff.

Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 2 - Make Your Content Readable and Relevant

We talk more on recent search engine algorithm changes from another perspective. Search engines are constantly trying to emulate human behavior. Think from a human reader's angle, and write your content accordingly. The improved rankings would really boost Adsense income to higher levels.

The reason why you need to write for a human being is also to attract repeat visitors. If you churn out content that is on laser-targeted, your visitors would bookmark your site and return again. You need not even rely on search engines for traffic.

Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 3 - Use Synonyms or Related Keywords

Instead of targeting main keywords only, use synonyms to replace one or two words within your keyword phrase. For instance, ‘boost Adsense revenue' can be replaced with ‘increase Adsense income'. Be creative about this and make use of free tools like Google Adwords' keyword research tool or Overture keyword tool to find relevant keywords.

You can search Google for related keywords or synonyms using the ~ prefix. Take for example, ‘~boost Adsense income' would return results of web pages with related keywords.

Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 4 - Word Count

There is no magical number for the perfect word count. Ideally, your article or web content should have at least 400 words. There again, there are also web pages with lesser than 200 words but still get ranked high. But I suspect the word count becomes more significant when you are competing on popular topics.

Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 5 - Avoid Using Duplicate Content

Google hates duplicate content like spam. So must you, in order to do well in the search engines to boost Adsense income. You may search the major article directories like EzineArticles and Article City for content with free reprint rights but be sure to mix and match and rewrite into a unique article.

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