Tuesday, May 4, 2010

High Search Engine Ranking; 3 Basic Steps

We all need to have a high search engine ranking, but most of us either don't have the wherewithal to waste hours dedicated to SEO, or the cash to pay someone to do it for us. But what the general public don't realize is that there are some extremely simple things you can do to assist in getting you that high search engine ranking. Here are 3 easy things that anyone can do to get that high search engine ranking with no need to invest a lot of time or spend plenty of money.

The very first easy thing that you can do to get a high search engine ranking is to have a site map, and to be certain to keep it current. Site maps are superb for getting a high search engine ranking because it permits the search website automated robots that crawl your page to get all of the information they require all in one place. But beyond having a recent site map, you want to be certain that you submit it to Google. And you need to resubmit it each time you revise your website or add pages.
The second action you can take to make sure you get a high search engine ranking is to be certain that all of your alt-tags are effectively named. While your users don't see these tags for photographs and graphics, the search sites do. And since the search sites can't see your images or graphics, the alt tags are all they must go by. So if you name an image picture1.jpg, it does nothing for your SEO and can not help get you a high search engine ranking. But if you name that image with one of your keywords, it would help the search site automated bots rank you higher on your targeted keywords.

The final easy thing that you can do to get a high search engine ranking is one thing people rarely think about in terms of your SEO, but is possibly the most essential thing of all, is to have good quality content on your site. Your content needs to be aimed towards your centered audience, not only for the search engine bots so you can get a high search engine ranking. Putting keyword-laden, poor-quality content on your internetsite may work in the short term, but both the search engines and the users will figure out what you've been doing. Putting high quality content up on your internet site with the suitable keyword density is the simplest way to get a high search engine ranking and keep it.

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