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SEO Optimization

Optimization Tips for Better Page Rank!

The function of the search engines, is to provide traffic to any type of web site on the internet. The search engines doesn't discriminate against a site just because someone within the search staff, doesn't like a particular subject matter. Big business, small business, adult sites, or church sites must all follow the same guidelines (better known as algorithms) to get indexed and page ranked by the search engines. If your site is not optimized properly, you lose. This said, if you can't find your site online, then your chances of online success will never happen. If the search engines has not indexed your site, there is always a specific reason your site is not being found. If you don't have visitors to your site, your chances of making money online is little to none.

There are basically two ways you can get the job done. You can learn the process of online marketing, or you can hire a marketing specialist that will do the job for you. After your site is up and running, with visitors frequenting your site, and a steady stream of income, then most people will accept some responsibility in the marketing process, and start taking a more active role in their marketing process, using what they've learned from the professional to promote their own business opportunity. This is an excellent way to get your opportunity up and running effectively, plus, this gives the web site owner the choice to save some money regarding the ongoing expenses of marketing.

The duties, of search engine optimization (better know as SEO) is an ongoing process in any online promotion. This is a process which is designed to improve the search engine rankings of your web site. There are two way to get your message to the masses. One is by advertising with paid ads. Some of these ads are strictly paid advertisement, while others are on a bid basis. The other way to get recognized (which is the most solid way to build your business), is to follow the algorithms of the search engines and optimize your site to earn organic search engine page rankings. This type of strategy is what a Search Engine Optimization Specialist will follow to get your site to Top Positions on Google, and other fine search engines.

SEO companies and specialist will begin your campaign by, analyzing your web site, and reviewing the source codes of your site, making sure that there are no red flags to the search engines. Incomplete or questionable aspects of your site will create negative points against your web site in the eyes of the search engines, and your page rankings will drop. The goal of the specialist is to find these problem areas, and correct these problems, so you will be compliant with the algorithms of the various search engines. The balance here is critical, because, what may be the Google balance of optimization, is different than the balance of Yahoo or Bing. So optimizing, and meeting the criteria of one search engines doesn't necessarily mean you will have a better chance on one search engine compared to another search engines. The secret here, is to construct a well balanced web site, which meets the guidelines of the big three search engines. This is a delicate balance here, so seek the advise of your SEO marketing specialist if you need to.

A well planned SEO Campaign will include three major issues. Keyword Analysis, On Site Optimization and Off Site Optimization.

Keyword analysis should be conducted first. You or your specialist must select the relevant keywords for your particular web site. Each web site, marketing campaign or article is different, and the keywords for each type of marketing must be relative to your presentation.

When addressing your site optimization, your SEO professional will analyze your Title, Keywords, Meta Description and Content, to make sure your site is a well balanced presentation in the eyes of the search engines, as well as eye appealing, to the users who visit your site. If there are changes needed, that will enhance your possibility for a successful campaign, then your professional, should have your pre-authorization to make those online changes quickly. According to some experts, this phase of optimization accounts for about 40% of what search engine look for when ranking your site.

The development of inbound links, outbound links, reciprocal links, cross links etc., are considered offsite optimization. This accounts for about 60% of the importance of the algorithms the search engines are currently using. Increasing the quality of your links is far more important than the quantity to your web site. One relevant, quality link carries more weight with the search engines, than a hundred questionable links. To maximize your site exposure online, you must concentrate on getting as many relevant sites as possible to link back to your site.

Be cautious of accepting just any reciprocal link....choose your reciprocal links wisely and have a verification system that will track those reciprocal links, making sure they're active at all times. If those links become inactive, immediately delete the link. One common trick is, for a company to reciprocal link to you, and within a short time, they will drop your link. Then you would be linking to them, however, they would not be linking to you. That's not the way this process was designed and is totally unfair. Having a tracking system of some kind will help you keep a handle on this type of unethical practice.

In Summary: Choose your target market wisely, and make your campaign evolve around your target market. Spend as much time as needed, choosing the right keywords for your web site. Optimize your site, but don't over optimize your opportunity, for the search engines or the users. Last but not least, work on your linking, with precision, choosing who you link with, where you link to, and be extremely conservative with any reciprocal link you may accept. Watch out for the questionable reciprocal link scammer. Good luck in your marketing efforts.

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