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Importance of Meta tags for Search Engine Ranking

Today in this Seo Training Mumbai Series we will see how important meta tags are for your webpage.

There are around 80 – 90% people who are looking for some services online find your websites through search engines. The different search engines in which people mostly look for such are Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. The main idea of optimizing your website with good keywords is to get a high search engine ranking. Getting on the first position in all search engines is to get the targeted customers or traffic to your website. If you are using right Meta tags (Description and Keywords) instantly your website becomes search engine friendly.

Write a Description Meta Tag

Initially websites were ranked depending on the Keywords which they add in the Meta tags. But now a days, the importance of meta tags for search engine ranking has decreased, it is still important to write a good description meta tags because search engines prefer the description meta tags in their SERPs. The description which you add should include a summary of the webpage, containing all relevant keywords and content related to your webpage and provide all required information about your webpage to users in one short paragraph (2-3 lines). If search engine doesn't find any Meta tags, they create their own description starting with the first content displayed on your page.

The description meta tags should not exceed more than 200 characters. For example:

meta name=”description” content=”Open Computing Institute in Mumbai provides intensive Seo training courses, Online marketing training and Web development courses”

Write a Keywords Meta Tag

The keywords meta tags describes the content of the page at hand and should reflect keywords in the body text of the page. After every 100 words in your content a keyword must appear. Create your keywords tag using your master keywords list and the visible words in your page. Although you can separate keywords with a comma or a space, omitting commas will give you more proximity hits between adjacent terms. Use lowercase text to better match search queries and for better compressibility. Avoid repeating your keywords in the same form more than three times. Avoid using the trademarks and brand names of other companies in your keywords.

Targeting 2-3 keywords initially is good. For example:

meta name=”Keywords” content=”seo certified training, open source training, web development training”

Using the right meta tags is important to get search engine ranking. Proper On - page optimization will greatly improve your search engine ranking.

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