Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to Personalize Ready Made Adsense Websites

If you are serious about getting into the Make Money with Adsense Business, then you would know all about Ready Made Websites created for Adsense. Thousands of people are interested in generating regular income with Adsense, so at one time or another, they may have bought a pack of Ready Made Adsense websites. The most popular of these is the Adsense Business-In-A-Box. It's available at Webmixalot.com if you don't already own this pack of Ready Made Adsense Websites.

If you have pre-made websites made for adsense, you should know that hundreds of other people may have the exact same websites as you. Here is what you can do to personalize your websites to make it different from the rest. This is to avoid duplicate websites so you will not get penalized by Google. You may find that they may not index your websites at all!

1. Change The Name of the Website. If you happen to have bought a domain solely for one of the adsense websites, pick a similar name to what the website theme is about. Have your website name match your domain name.

2. Alter the Metatags. Change the description and keywords.

3. Replace the Header Graphics. Either create one yourself or get someone else to do it. Have your website name on the header and make it look different from what came with the site.

4. Change the look and feel of the website. Change the table width or choose another background color.

5. Rename the Titles of the Articles. Stick with what the article is about. You can change one word or swap the words around.

6. Rewrite the Articles. You don't have to completely change it. You can select certain words and replace them, add or change paragraphs around and insert photos in between articles.

7. Remove links. If you've changed the articles enough to call it your own, leave the links out of the articles.

8. Add more things to the website. Add more content, videos and other widgets to your websites!

9. Change the copyright. Have your name and this year's date. Include a privacy policy if the websites don't have one.

10. Don't forget to change your Adsense ID!

These are ways to make your Ready Made Adsense more unique with your personal touch. Ready Made Websites are a great way to get started without having to start from scratch!

Once you have altered your websites, upload to your host and start promoting! Start making money with Adsense!

Author: Catherina Amor

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