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Does “link cloaking” helps you protect your commission...Or not..?

Let’s explain…"Affiliate link cloaking" is a method you use to disguise your affiliate link. For example let's say that your affiliate link is .As you can see this affiliate link contains the vendor's domain and your affiliate id.

WITH affiliate link cloaking you can change the link above to something like

“But why to cloak my affiliate links..?”

Well, as I mentioned in my first report, human nature is complicated. Did you know that there are many people out there who would buy a product, but because they see an affiliate link they don’t? Furthermore there are others that go as far as to change your affiliate link with theirs, so as ,once they buy the product, the commission will go to them. So, “affiliate link cloaking” can prevent your commission from "being stolen"...This is why the term "commission thieves" exists.

“How to cloak an affiliate link?”

Ok, let's start cloaking one affiliate link right now. Assuming that our affiliate

link is we do the following.

1.)Open the Notepad. Then you can copy from here the code below and paste it to the notepad. I cannot write the code here but is very easy to find it .

Insert a title and your affiliate link where mentioned and save this file as eg. product.html.Then you can upload this file to your webserver, into the "public.html" folder. As a result, instead of having an “ugly” link, you can have something like

There are many other ways to cloak affiliate links. We will discuss them in a future article.

“Does affiliate link cloaking really help???”

Now let’s go deeper into human psychology…

Yes, “affiliate link cloaking” may help when the buyer isn’t marketing-oriented. Thus the sale will be credited to you. But what happens when the buyer is a marketer or knows what an affiliate is? Almost everybody knows what an affiliate is. So it all comes down to good will...Whatever techniques you endeavour to use to hide your affiliate links, everyone will know that you are an affiliate. So it is up to the buyer.

There are people who will search through your page html source and find out what your affiliate links are. Even if you have transformed your affiliate link with the use of unicode and your affiliate link to numerical gibberish, a savvy user will discover that you are an affiliate. So whatever link cloaking method you use, the end result is defined by a very unstable factor: Human Nature.Again…

I am an affiliate.You are an affiliate.Almost everyone promotes something nowadays.

I have to admit that almost everything I bought (ebooks, courses, electronics) were

promoted by someone.. Affiliate marketers work for what they promote and it is unethical and unfair to steal their commissions!.

I know that there is much competition out there; I know that there are many lame reviews and scam products but, as I mentioned before, and also in my first free report, it’s good to stand out of the crowd. You won't become rich if you steal another person’s commission. You see it is very easy to steal, but also equally easy to be stolen from...It’s all in the saying: “Do unto others as you would expect they should do unto you.”

To sum up, “affiliate link cloaking” is a good way to protect your affiliate links

It may help you protect your commissions, but, unfortunately, the buyer has the final say. My recommendation is not to steal others’ commissions. If you find what you‘re looking for, just buy it. Help them to help you.

Author: Archimidis M

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